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Tantric Massage - Body to body The sensuality of tantric massage will lead you into ambiance, your thoughts and worries disappear, time dissolves, and you enter into a state of complete oblivion. Letting go of every muscle in your body, letting go of every thought in your mind, you are able to deepen & surrender into pleasure and bliss, you will connect with your deepest, innermost, essential, divine, authentic self. Closing the gates to the rest of the world behind you, you are welcomed by a vision of beauty. Her seductive eyes and elegant sensual demeanour welcome you. Entering a Sacred Space, you feel calm and serenity surround you, your entire soul will feel the touch of sensuality. Her touch arouses your Kundalini Energy (The Divine Serpent) and this touch has revealed itself as the silent gate to your heart. Gently begin to relieve the stresses and tensions that you carry in your body. Clearing the blockages in your energy body (meridians, nadis, aura & Chakra's), we then focus at charging your Chakra's, you will feel awakened, on a physical, emotional, mental, sexual and spiritual level. The human body has a great capacity to experience pleasure through its five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste and above all touch. Touch is regarded as the food for our Souls, an experience that is essential for the development of a happy and fulfilled human being. A large part of our brain is dedicated to the sensory and tactile department. Lack of touch hardens us and makes us tense, so introducing Tantra and Tantric Massage into your life will truly provide you with happiness.

Tantra and brainThe Most Important Sex Organ Tantric Tantric

Your mind is a powerful and complex organ, the power of your mind is beyond all measures, it inspires you and guides you, it is the centre of all our emotions and thoughts working as an operating centre for a complex network of neurotransmitters and neuroendocrine systems-nerves, hormones and other chemicals that are responsible for desire and responses, and much more. The mind is also the most important sex organ in your body, for instance the brain transmits signals that start a cascade of reactions leading to genital arousal. Though erotic energy may be instigated in the Yoni and Lingam area (male/female genitals) but it is the mind that usually takes over from there. It is the mind which controls weather to accept the offer of manifestation of erotic energy or not. Your subconscious mind is also a great healer of emotional and physical problems, a magical tool that can do amazing things if you know how to use it.

Tantric Massage will teach you how to connect with yourself emotionally and also teach you to form a relationship with your body. Letting your senses unfold without attempting to figure it ALL out, allowing your mind to rest, your body rest, drifting away into a deep sense of calm, that feeling you get at the end of the end of the night when you lay in bed and feel all your tensions elevate from your body.

Tantric Massage & Emotional Sensations

To truly experience pleasure you must understand the meaning of 'feelings'/ 'emotions'. Feelings are an energy that move around in your body, imagine a bright light moving around your body, from your head to your toes. There are times when we try to stop our emotions from moving through our bodies, because certain emotions may embarrass you and you think people will see you differently. When you force your feelings to flow naturally, this will cause energy blockages which will ultimately cause mental and physical exhaustion, because our feelings are connected to our senses. So it is extremely important to express our emotions, and fulfil our urges so that we can maintain our physical, psychological, and emotional health. The ancient art of Tantric Massage is a powerful physical and spiritual energy that will help you discover, explore, release your emotions and sensations, feel the ecstasy of receiving a nurturing experience.

Erotic Tantric Massage works with the bodies senses, sensual energy to support sexual healing which may be the art of this sensual massage will help arouse sexual emotions and tender feelings, working to build your energies using Tantric techniques that have been practised across the world. Imagine the sensations and emotions awakened during sexual foreplay, sensual Tantric Massage extends these erotic and pulse pounding vibrations to charge through your body, unlike 'regular' intimate liaisons which usually reaches the final destination within minutes. Tantric Massage will teach you how to relax and completely let go of every muscle in your body and every thought in your mind, ultimately freeing your mind and opening yourself up to feel every touch and moment so that you can connect deeply with yourself and with others. You will learn how to connect with another person in a spiritual way, and understand how to feel another's energy before you can truly recognize a mind and body connection.

Tantric Massage & The Essence Of Conscious Touch

Everyone, men, women, young and old have areas on their bodies that will make them shiver with sensual delight, aside from the obvious areas of the body, not many people have discovered where these "other" areas are. The human body is like a maze, a journey, a treasure hunt, full of sensual surprises, a plethora of erogenous zones, some that have been discovered but many yet to be discovered and explored. The physical body is a series of separate, yet strongly related system of energy, which is referred to in the ancient texts as the Chakras. The Sacred art of Tantra and Tantric Massage creates an environment where you can release stress and feel more alive in your body while staying fully present to your physical energy. These environments accept sensual urges and accept the physical sensations you yearn to indulge yourself in helping you to experience luscious, conscious altering Tantric Moments. A Tantric massage is often the first step in learning how to be a sensual being without going into fantasy or going into a trance like state, the only requirement from you is to stay present to the touch that is being offered to you, to feel every touch, stimulating your energy, creating waves of intense feelings of joy, pleasure and ecstasy through your whole body and your mind. Tantra places much focus on the Chakras as it does on the physical body, although you are not required to wait until your Chakras has been cleared and balanced before you are able to experience the pleasure of sexual energy rising up and flowing throughout your body.

Different generations, cultures, religion holds significant influence over the attitude towards physical sensations, emotions and pleasures. For instance for many generations and even today many cultures and upbringings hold strict views on sex, sex was "just" a method used to reproduce, it was "something" that was done to have children, a duty "after" marriage. Planting the seed to expand civilisation was the main and only objective of "sex" Sensual pleasures and emotions were forgotten let alone even considered, but because we now live in a society which is dominated by the media; television, magazines, and the internet etc. This feeds the human mind with sexual thoughts and images that ultimately plants that seed of thought and desire which begins to seduce the mind and arouse the physical energy. And because of powerful media influence today the need of physical pleasure, discovery and exploration is encouraged and more acceptable. For this reason more and more people urge to truly feel their body and desire to feel true tender touch in a deeper sense than before, people want to experience sensations in a spiritual and physical sense, they want to experience extended periods of pleasure not just for a few moments, which many are accustomed to.

Tantra will teach you to give and to receive, guiding you to completely worship your lover’s body with pleasure before you receive. It is very difficult to experience and actually enjoy an intimate connection whilst trying to give pleasure simultaneously. You cannot offer full sensual focus on giving if your partner is trying to give at the same time, and vice versa. (Teaching you to Love yourself, is the first at upmost important factor of all.

Sensual Tantric Massage

Tantra You will lay on the massage table and let go of every thought, every muscle, every inch in your body. Imagine warm oil dripping down your neck all the way down your back, across your buttocks, testicles and inner thighs, she then begins to massage the warm oil in, covering your entire body using her hands and her nude body. The Tantric Massage is intensely seductive, ensuring to sooth every muscle and nerve in your life, then guiding your mind and body to increased pleasure. The aim of Tantric Massage is to arouse all your sensual senses and take you to the brink of orgasm a number of times before allowing you to release your sexual energy. Using a combination of traditional deep tissue massage, Thai, Swedish, Reiko, head massage, and Tantric massage you will feel the ancient spiritual arts of erotic Tantra.

Your entire body, head to toe will relinquish to the touch and caresses of your beautiful therapist. Feel the warmth of her alluring body, her delicate soft skin, her deep hypnotic gaze captivating you in the most sensuous manner, while losing yourself to the most pleasurable, loving, nurturing, healing, seductive touch through Tantric massage. A wonderful way to awaken and experience an erotic journey in awareness and love, a world of intimate togetherness is explored in a spiritual sense, the magic of touch that does not lead to sexual intercourse,this stimulating art is aimed at prolonging pleasure, therefore extended enjoyment of all those physical and mental emotions. Offering a multitude of methods to open that door with sensitivity creating the development of conscious awareness and correcting sexual energy flow. Tantric Massage is an erotic journey exploring the female and male sacred energy and much more, awakening your senses, arousing your sexual energies, stimulating your mind and body that encounter and satisfy deep desires aroused by touch.

The Tantric Massage in London use numerous techniques that have been used for thousands of years combined with the more modern techniques to create the ultimate Tantric Experience. The therapist use touch and pressure to build up sexual energy, then the force of this energy is used to release pressure and arouse. Remember the intention of Tantric massage is not intended to cause climax but the intention is stimulate your sensual energy to create mental and physical balance and harmony.

The following methods are a few examples that have been practiced for centuries across the Far East and the Middle East, and currently spreading across the World and enriching many individuals and couples lives.

Sensual Massage Breath-Work: Breath-work is used in meditation and yoga, it will allow you/couples to transmit energy through your own body and that of the other person. Together with your therapist you will begin to feel a connecting energy develop between you, the Tantric journey commences with intense breath-work to gently relax your mind and body, feel one another on a deeper level than before. To create a true experience we begin each session by connecting within and with one another in a spiritual and sensual manner. The initial connection is extremely important as it will enable you to experience emotional and physical release, letting go of all your thoughts and every muscle in your body. Using deep and intentional breathing, visual and mental imagery and erotic movement. A mental and physical connection is created, together you open and activate the Chakra's, by moving sexual energy and bringing you to the path of true passion and helping you to connect to yourself and brings on a state of awareness yet in a full state of relaxation. Once you have reached full relaxation and comfort your erotic journey begins, your beautiful therapist leads you into the Tantric Room.

Nude Body Rubbing: The feeling of nude bodies pressed together, rubbing across your entire body awakening every sense and sensual emotion and energy, creating a burning desire that needs your Tantric Touch.

Erotic Touching and Teasing: To gently and subtly arouse your senses, touching every inch of your energy, working your body head to toe, teasing your senses with touch to bring every inch of your being to life. Erotic teasing can be considered as foreplay deluxe, gently building the sexual anticipation and taking you closer to full mind and body pleasure, simply by bringing your mind and body to the present moment and working the energies within your body. If you envision trying to boil water, and the water reaches a point were the bubbles are about to form, but then you quickly turn the burner down to simmer, this is exactly what Tantra want to accomplish with Teasing.

Chakra The Kundalini Awakening: Using a number of methods your Kundalini Energy also known as The Divine Serpent will be aroused, this enables your entire body to wake up and feel, bringing you into the moment and zone of Energy Pleasure. This powerful primal force will charge through your body from the base of your spine to the top of your head.

The Yoni Massage: Intimate massage of the female Sacred Space, helping you discover delicate and tender pleasures from and around The Yoni, you will be released on Yoni tensions. The female sensual energy awakening requires tender passion. In many cultures females conclude in sexual activity to reproduce alone and not meant to experience or receive pleasure. The Yoni Massage is a tender and sensual way to offer immense pleasure to the female intimate area, this massage will teach you how to explore and enable orgasm, although this is not the objective orgasm usually is the final result. Most men believe women have been created to orgasm as many times as they like, and many of our clients find out this is not really the case. It is important to understand your female partner's desires and of course Yoni methods. (For the male visitors you will experience exploring techniques designed for your use).

The Lingham Massage: A tender and erotic massage covering the whole of the male intimate area including the full testicles, perineum, and the Sacred spot (the equivalent of the female G-spot), and allow to surrender to a form of pleasure you may not be used to. From this perspective, both receiver and giver relax into the massage, men need to learn how to RELAX AND RECEIVE. Traditional sexual conditioning has the man in a doing and goal orientated mode. The Lingham Massage allows the man to experience his softer, more receptive side and experience pleasure from a non-traditional perspective, which will allow you to release all sexual energy through a full body orgasmic release. You will not only explore your Sacred Spot, but you will find your Sacred Space, and your life balanced and sexual energies balanced using a number of Tantric techniques that will stimulate and create intensely deep emotions and sensations. This is not only intensely pleasurable for the receiver and will create the ultimate orgasm but also has healing properties. When massage techniques are sensually initiated it will reach its pleasure sensors.

The Prostate Massage: This is performed on the male gland, this is part of a man's reproductive system, It has both sensual and therapeutic benefits, as the prostate gland is involved in the male sexual response, this will explore the male G-spot helping you discover intense pleasure and a powerful tool to help with premature ejaculation. Many have never experienced The Prostate Massage, so it is advised that this massage is taken slowly and gently, preferably over the course of three to four sessions. This is a very tender and personal area and needs to be conducted using the right timing and techniques.

The Pubococcygeus - PC- Muscle Exercises: The first and most important method to practise and learn is how to strengthen your pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) or love muscle (The PC-Muscle is the hammock-like muscle hanging low in the perineum, the area between the scrotum and the anus). This muscle is the major muscle of contraction in male and female orgasm. Strengthening the PC muscle helps to strengthen your erection and will increase the sensations of your orgasm, which is very important in older years. The PC muscle extends from the base of the spine, where it is connected to the coccyx, to the front of the body where it is connected to the pubic bone. Ancient civilisations have been practising prostate massage for centuries. This male gland is highly sensitive to pressure so through rubbing and stroking, prostate massage creates feelings and emotions to those felt during orgasm, this can create a deeply intense orgasm especially when exploring and combined with The Lingham Massage.

Indian Head Massage: To help ease you into relaxation, the Indian head massage will help relieve your stresses, head-aches and migraines, including eye strain, and neck/head and shoulder tension. This massage has proved to help with sinus problems and improves circulation resulting in more energy.

Foot Massage: There are reflex areas on the soles of the feet correspond to specific organs, glands and other parts of the body. By applying pressure to these areas, you will experience a relief of deep tensions and aches in the muscles, and the stimulation of blood circulation and the performance of the organs. Foot massage also help re-establish physical and mental balance, which is what creates a healthy body and mind.

Benefits of Tantric Massage

Benefits of Tantric Massage There are many benefits to be gained through Tantra, considered to be very helpful in many aspects of life as it offers you a holistic approach offering natural remedies rather than chemical - ridden prescriptions. In today's modern society we are accustomed to medical prescriptions that have many side effects and can cure one thing but then cause extremely negative side effects causing worse future problems. The following is just a number of the benefits available towards issues experienced by a high majority of the population.

(The Tantric Way is in no way suggesting you to seek holistic remedies rather than seek help from a medical specialist)

  • Relaxation, stress release, sensuality, orgasm, warmth, nurturing.
  • Learn to channel your sexual energy, allowing it to flow through your body and to use it better, developing your complete potential.
  • Techniques aimed at increasing intimacy between male and female partners. These techniques will enable you to discover hidden sexual energies but also reach maximum arousal pleasure with one another.
  • Learn how to explore the female intimate and male intimate area, these teachings will help you to provide your partner with a truly sensational orgasm.
  • Explore emotional, mental and spiritual development. It is a matter of getting to know your own body and obtaining better access to your feelings and physical pleasures.
  • Healing powers, but at the same time provide immense pleasure.
  • Tantra will help you over-come disorders such as erectile dysfunction or lack of orgasm.
  • Increase vitality and libido, development of sensuality, improvement of sexual skills, such as extending your ejaculation/erection. A natural remedy for premature ejaculation.
  • Exploring the male G-spot (The PC muscle plays a crucial role in a man's sexuality)toned PC muscle will not only help you with premature ejaculation it will also provide you with a strong and secure erection.

Tantric Massage & Erectile Dysfunction

One in Ten men in the world are thought to be effected by erectile dysfunction (also known as impotence) Erectile Dysfunction does not allow you to reach an erection or to maintain an erection, a condition quite often confused with premature ejaculation. For the penis to maintain an erection, it must be stimulated by nerve signals which prompt the blood vessels in the penis to increase so blood can fill. If the blood vessels are not fully compressed an erection will be difficult to obtain and to maintain.

Erectile dysfunction can occur for any number of reasons; pre-existing health conditions play a significant factor as well aging in men (65years+) most likely to be effected. It is quite unusual for men below the age of forty to suffer erectile dysfunction although it does happen, and this is usually down to psychological influences, for instance; lack of sleep, smoking, stress and the pressures of life/work, anxiety, and depression and so on, the list is endless. Lifestyle change is usually recommended rather than prescribed medications, changing the way you think, and working with your own energy, especially your sexual energy which is one of the most potent forms of physical energy in Tantra. There are many ancient formulas tried and tested for thousands of years by the Indian science of life and longevity. Tantric Massage Techniques work as an excellent safe and natural way to re-balance and re-energize your sexual system and also helping you increase and develop your virility.

The Tantric Way will help you maintain your sexual enery. Tantric Massage will explore a number of techniques that have been used for years in the Far - East, Middle East, etc. We are here to help you master your ejaculatory response during sexual occasions. These techniques are not only beneficial but also intensely sensual; you can practise with your partner or even on your own. (We are NOT suggesting that you seek alternative advice rather than medical advice)

Tantric Massage & Premature Ejaculation

Many of men across the world experience premature ejaculation, which is also called early ejaculation, rapid ejaculation or ejaculation praecox, and we at The Tantric Way London recognize that this can cause a lot of stress for men and their partners, many wish to seek a natural remedy / support rather than prescribed drugs for various reasons. The human form; its physical and spiritual linked into multiple aspects of itself, each part of your inner and outer expresses a range of frequencies and vibrations within a network of zones. Tantric Massage has proven to help premature ejaculation, as Tantra works with each part of your inner and outer body, and works to clear blockages which hold significant influence over your mental and physical performance. Premature ejaculation is difficult to deal with and many men avoid intimate occasions/relationships causing much frustration.

Men can have premature ejaculation from the first time they have sexual intercourse which is known as lifelong or primary premature ejaculation, and there are also those who encounter premature ejaculation later on in their life, even though they have probably gone through sexual life without any problems, this is called acquired or secondary premature ejaculation. Those who experience premature ejaculation usually ejaculate with a rigid erection carry on with their lives hoping that their premature ejaculation will get better with time, however we now live in a world which allows us to potentially access a number of effective treatments which can help you over-come this.

There are many beliefs discussing the actual causes of premature ejaculation but until this day scientists have not discovered any "specific" reason for this. There are many factors which can cause this, such as age, abnormal hormone levels can impact sexual function, stress and anxiety are said to play a major role in the cause of premature ejaculation. Restricting your sexual urges by supressing them can influence you negatively, when a man suppresses these natural arousal urges in his body, it can lead to impotence later in life (as it may be the wrong time, wrong place, or maybe your partner doesn't feel like sex, cultural beliefs and restrictions, or lack of confidence, and so on).

Tantra believes that sexual energy is the root energy of life; it is thought that there is a suppression of sexual energy flow within lower energy centres (known as Chakra's). So The Tantric Massage is to align and work with your Chakra's, this will clear your energy blockages, enabling you to experiences a fuller and extended pleasures. Many clients we have worked with do not want medicinal remedies, as they understand that the mind plays a powerful role in the conducts of the body. The mind is a powerful and complex tool, if understood, can do wonders for your life. The mind and body are so intimately connected so with Tantric Massage focusing on a number of areas such as breathing, mental focus and meditation to achieve prolonged sexual experience. Tantra can help as a natural remedy not only in premature ejaculation also other areas.

Tantric Massage can really help by teaching you techniques that will help you control your release, many do not realise that a lot of issues to arise from the mind. The pressure many feel from experiencing premature ejaculation does actually have a negative impact on the body, Tantric Massage works with helping you clear your mind and taking your mind and body to an extended period of bliss, guiding you to open yourself to naturally react to the Touch of Love. Helping you to release mental pressures and immersing the moment of conscious touch in a physical and emotional sense. There are numerous techniques available but one very important and widely used method is the squeezing and breathing technique, very simple yet effective. The trained and beautiful Tantric Therapists are sensual and spiritual indulging you to a path of ecstatic bliss.

Another thing, it is very important to understand that there is no such thing as a "normal" time space to ejaculate, as it varies so much between men and even for the same man with different partners, situations, mental being, and physical etc.

(We are NOT suggesting that you seek alternative advice rather than medical advice).

Female Awakening

TantraTantra for Women is a unique way helping the women of this modern society to discover the specific state of Shakti in her being, fulfilling her desires. Each and every woman, require and desire to be awakened. In the world of Tantra we call this the Shakti, the universal feminine power, the creative and sensual energy. Each woman can awaken the state of Shakti in her being, that unique and special energy. Tantric Massage in London offers the most effective methods to discover these secret potentials and bring it into real life. One of the main aims of Tantra for women is to awaken the female sensuality and teach women to enjoy being touched and learn how to respond positively to touch and pleasure. Tantra can help you discover and explore your own sexuality using numerous methods and techniques. The Tantric Way is an effective way for Western women to overcome issues they may have experienced and awaken their senses. Sensual and Tantric massages are often part of sexual therapy sessions as it has proved to support females various sexual problems. Problems such as, a difficult upbringing, having bad sexual experiences, or due to lack of confidence, cultural restrictions and taboo. Women are more in touch with their tender and affectionate emotions. The frame of a woman, is her emotions, and her psychic evolution is higher than that of a mans, the awakening of her spiritual force which is known as the Kundalini energy is much more delicate in the body of a woman than in the body of a man.

The Yoni is the conventional Indian word for vagina. Sanskrit in origin. It is a term of reverence and respect and is the belief that forms the root of Yoni massage. This massage is often used to provide complete pleasure to the female Yoni. This massage has been formed to connect with the female intimate area. It is used to free the female sexual energy, this can be very healing and can offer the receiver the trail to wholeness. The Yoni Massage can result in a truly intense orgasm. The importance and point of the Yoni massage is to target the experience of touch, relaxation, pleasure and release. Each woman is at a different place in her journey and each Yoni massage produces unique ends in an individual. The importance of completely letting go and not expecting orgasm is encouraged as this allows the receiver to enjoy every touch, gently being aroused and enjoying maximum pleasure. Each Yoni Experience is will also cover techniques that will help to maintain and prolong her pleasure, as to ensure healthy spiritual and sensual well being is extremely important in life.

THE Kundalini Awakening: Using a number of methods to awaken your Kundalini Energy also known as The Divine Serpent, we will arouse this energy and enables your entire body to wake up and feel, bringing you into the moment and zone of Energy Pleasure. This powerful primal force will charge through your body from the base of your spine to the top of your head.

Tantric Couples Connecting

Tantric for couples Once upon a time any form of intimacy between a man and woman was only conducted in order to reproduce, so 'love-making' or shall we say 'reproduction' only ever took as long as it would take the male to release his sperm. Tantra teaches us to enjoy one another, to explore one an-others bodies to discover those pleasure areas. Many couples live together for years and still are strangers when it comes to one an-others bodies, here we encourage and teach you to connect with your partner on a deeper level than ever before. A sexual union is a door provided by nature to access an ecstatic state of being. A union of openness is created, one were there are no secrets, all emotions are experienced, and all pleasures are discovered and explored. Couples Tantra offers a multitude of methods that will open paths to sensitivity and intelligence, creating a tremendous resource for the development of conscious love. This initiation supports you to deepen intimacy, open your heart to receptive, conscious communication, heal sexual dysfunction, and experience sacred sexuality.

Tantra for couples is not aimed at reaching orgasm, but more about prolonged pleasure. Couples will explore one an-others body like never before, exploring every single inch of the body, discovering and pleasuring every sense of the mind and body, to go feel everything, every breath, every gaze, every touch. At the same time you will learn the art of Tantric Massage, Lingam Massage, Yoni Massage, The female G spot, Prostate Massage, Female Ejaculation and ancient methods to prolong and enhance for men.

Tantra will help you free yourselves from your physical tensions, negative mental patterns, inhibitions and shame and learn to approach life, love, sensuality and sexuality in a new way. Attaining these skills and this sacred knowledge it will develop your sexual and mental relationship into a strong happy union. You will both come to discover emotions in one another you have forgotten of, you will learn new methods to connect in a physical and emotional sense.  

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