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Sessions and Donation (By Appointment Only)

The Tantric Sessions and massages offered by The Tantric Way London are a combination of sensual art and Tantric techniques that will dominate your mind and body, enabling you to experience Tantric ecstatic energy, dissolving boundaries, no more secrets, a moment in your life were you can open deeper and explore your desires to release your sensual secrets.

Below are a number of our Nude Tantric Massages, Sensual Massages and now offering you NURU Massage:

The Tantra WorshipThe Erotic Worship Massage
The Yoni MassageThe Tantric Taste
The Tantric BathTantric Couples
Dark Tantric PleasuresNURU Massage
Tantric Massage

If you have any particular requirements; for a four-handed session with two therapists, or if you would like an appointment outside of the hours advertised then please Contact Us.

Before The Session: Each session is started off with a shower, this is to relax you and rid you of negative energy from the world outside. Once you have had a relaxing shower and are dry you will be taken to the meditation room, beautifully decorated in ambiance and calm. This is the time were you can have your questions answered, you can discuss your thoughts together, and if there is anything in particular you hope to explore then please do mention at the time of your booking so that we can prepare for your specified session.

End of The Session Once the session has ended, you will not be rushed, you will be offered a fresh drink, be allowed time to come back and relax after your intense Tantric journey. At this point you can again discuss your thoughts and you will be offered feedback. Your Therapist will then prepare the bath or shower for you and offer you a fresh towel and lead you into the candle-lit bathroom.

Tantric Sessions & Prices


This is the foundation of all sessions, you will discover a whole new depth to your body and sexual energy flow through Tantra. You will enter a new level of emotional and physical sensitivity that will create a stronger flow of intimacy and a connection that will expand your capacity for pleasure, complete mind and body orgasm. You will lose yourself in her deep gaze, feel the warmth of her nude soft skin as she leans forward to whisper into your ear.

This session is for those whom want to receive complete sensual tender attention, pleasure dominating your whole entire being, mind, body and soul. A passionate form of breath-work, similar to what is used in meditation and yoga to bring calm and relaxation upon you, detaching you from your thoughts and the rest of the world. You enter your Sacred Space, a place were you feel at peace and safe this will help bring you to a 'present' state of mind. Gently you will begin to lose yourself and slip into a mystical period of intense pleasure and relaxation using a combination of deep tissue massage, erotic touching, teasing, stroking, nails, and full nude body to body massage. Your Kundalini energy, a primal force will be awakened, it will charge through your body, piercing and opening your Chakra's, creating a vertical connection between each Chakra's to open (nadi).

If desired The Prostate Massage will be offered to discover and explore the male G-spot, coccyges muscle (PC-Muscle is the hammock-like muscle hanging low in the perineum, the area between the scrotum and the anus) as this can create a deeply intense orgasm especially when combined with The Lingham Massage.

Your Therapist will also show you methods that will enable you to focus on maintaining those awakened senses and will explain how to enable prolonging of your ejaculation, enabling you to utilise potent orgasmic energies more effectively. These Tantric methods have proved to benefit premature ejaculation and heighten your ability leading to a pulse pounding sexual release of energy by working your present energy, exploring and releasing you of mental and physical blockages. At the end of each session you will feel complete.

In-Call MassageOut-Call Massage
Two HandsFour HandsTwo HandsFour Hands
60min£120£240 (Promo: £180)£250£400
90min£180£360 (Promo: £290)£300£550
120min£240£480 (Promo: £400)£430£750


Feel the serenity and calmness surrounding you before you are taken upon an irresistible journey, were your thoughts will be captivated through the form of Tantric Tease. You will be led away into oblivion, by the teasing touch of a sensuous body, delicate silks and lascivious beauty stimulating every inch of your being and guiding you in a true Tantra Way to experience pure seduction. Feel her tease you with her eyes and her body.

This session is for those whom would like to experience a Tantric Massage mainly focusing on the ''erotic'' division on Tantra. The general benefits of Tantra will be included with the art of 'tease', a whirlwind of emotions and energies all into one. A surreal path to an erotic journey is opened that will enhance your life in many ways. The aim is to increase the arousal energy in your body, enabling you to understand the psycho-sensual effects of certain pressure and sensitive arousal areas that will help you feel more pleasure. These secret points and channels create longer and more pleasurable experiences and can be prolonged beyond bliss.

A connection is created with breath-work, she gazes deep into your eyes, touching your entire body, her nude body and warm oil rubbing against you. Feel all your senses awaken as she begins cleansing your sexual energy flow to create a more harmonic sensual experience and to remove any distortions in the most tender manner. You will learn to communicate your thoughts and emotions, with a number of Tantric Massage methods to expand your orgasm. As many like to maintain the mental and physical emotions aroused by this tease, and leave without releasing sexual energy, especially after experiencing a number of close releases. You will feel currents running through your body as you walk amongst the rest of the world, unknown to them the Tantric pleasure you have just indulged in.

This session will include advice and techniques on The PC Muscle Work, Male Awakening Energy, full body to body massage, erotic teasing and touching to fully arouse your full mind and bodies sexual well being.

In-Call MassageOut-Call Massage
Two HandsFour HandsTwo HandsFour Hands
60min£150£300 (Promo: £245)£270£420
90min£230£460 (Promo: £360)£340£540
120min£300£600 (Promo: £470)£440£740


The Yoni is the conventional Indian word for vagina. Sanskrit in origin. The Yoni Massage is an intimate massage of the female body. Through an intensive awakening of the sexual pleasure and sensitivity you can expand and refine your state of mental and physical consciousness. The Yoni Massage serves to join the masculine and feminine divine energies that will provide you with a taste of oneness with the universe

This journey is aimed at those whom want to learn how to discover and pleasure the arousal areas of The Yoni. The importance of The Yoni Massage is to target the experience of touch, relaxation, pleasure and release. Each woman is at a different place in her journey and each Yoni Massage produces unique reactions in each woman. It has taught many to have/give a multiple orgasms, and it is also an intimate way to connect to your partner. The Yoni Massage is done without expectations so when learning these methods you will do so without the pressure of having to reach 'that' particular point. Your therapist will focus on your body and enabling you to emerge safely and gently in the depths of the subconsciousness.You will learn methods that will help you to pleasure the Female Awakening energy, and enable her to release using various secret methods, guiding you to a path that will bring more sensuality and love into your life/lives whilst teaching you how to give your partner more physical and mental pleasure to allow her to experience a euphoric moment in life. Life is merely a moment of time, a passing moment so precious that needs to be embraced, experience the hidden treasures of life.

In-Call MassageOut-Call Massage
Two HandsFour HandsTwo HandsFour Hands
60min£160£320 (Promo: £240)£320£440
90min£250£500 (Promo: £375)£390£540
120min£320£620 (Promo: £480)£490£640


Feel the trickle of warm oil dripping down your body, the smooth of her nude body as she presses against you, feel her warm breath as she whisper into your ear, captivating your thoughts, feel and taste her energy. A combination of body-worship and the ever so enticing Tantra Taste ceremony arousing your taste buds.

This session is aimed at those whom want to free their mind and completely let go of all the pressures of the world. You will awaken your taste buds and to learn the enchanted ways of awakening the female Yoni by working her complete femine energy yet stimulating your taste senses using fruit, wine, exotic juices and the hidden Tantric Treasures. The mission is to help you reach a more conscious, connected, and juicy experience/life, it is our pleasure to enable you to achieve and experience more intimacy, joy and freedom in your life and relationships by offering practical tools/methods that are easy to use and provide immediate results. You will learn techniques that will teach how to pleasure the female femine Awakening Energy, and guiding you to a path that will bring more sensuality and love whilst teaching you how to give your partner more physical pleasure to enable her to experience a full mind and body exhilaration.The session will also include the traditional Tantric full body-Worship, PC- Muscle exercises, and Premature Energy Release control using breath-work exercises and ancient secrets.

In-Call MassageOut-Call Massage
Two HandsFour HandsTwo HandsFour Hands
60min£180£360 (Promo: £270)£360£540
90min£260£540 (Promo: £390)£420POA
120min£360£660 (Promo: £540)£560POA


In-Call MassageOut-Call Massage
Two HandsFour HandsTwo HandsFour Hands


Two HandsFour Hands


Imagine you are floating away on a raft, letting go of every muscle in your body, washing away your thoughts with the waves of the ocean. Dim lights, soft glow of candles, delicate scents flowing through the room, sexy music playing softly. You are welcomed in to nirvana closing the door behind you. She softly leads you to the bubbly warm bath, drops the silk delicately draped over her nude body to the floor and helps you into a warm bubble bath, flowing with rose petals, and sweet scented bubbles.

Here you will experience profuse and tender attention from your head to your toe. Your thoughts seduced, and you begin to wonder about the moment soon to come. You begin lose yourself to her tender wet body, soft touches and strokes. You both begin to connect on the most tender and sensual level imagined using breath-work. She will then lead you to our Tantra Space and gently begin to tenderly worship your body, gently arousing your sexual energy through erotic touching, teasing, and full nude body to body rubbing, PC MUSCLE control techniques, and also Male Awakening / Female Awakening. You will feel erotic energies flow through and around your body, enabling you to express your emotions physically /vocally / emotionally.

In-Call MassageOut-Call Massage
Two HandsFour HandsTwo HandsFour Hands
60min£170£340 (Promo: £255)£300£420
90min£250£500 (Promo: £375)£370£560
120min£340£680 (Promo: £510)£470£740

Tantric Couples (70mins - £270 / 90mins - £380)

Couples are warmly welcomed to discover the The Tantra Way to fulfill their intimate relations. You will learn how to explore every inch of one an-others body like never before, discovering and pleasuring every sense of the mind and body and arousing sensitive pleasure areas.

This session will provide you a with deeper understanding of stimulating one an-others erotic senses. Tantric Couples with Tantric breath work to create a connection between one another and your therapists. The breath-work stage is never rushed as this is the core of the whole session, it will help you become 'present'. You will then gently surrender yourselves to a full-body worship that will stimulate your sexual energy through erotic touching, teasing, full body to body rubbing. Your Therapist demonstrate Tantric techniques on your partner, you will be guided through the following methods,
The Male Awakening and Female Awakening, you can also learn about the Prostate Massage that will you to explore the male G-spot, you can also discuss and learn methods that will help with male ejaculation control, also discussing and learning techniques of The Yoni Massage, the female G-spot that will help to prologue female sensual energy release. These teachings will enable you to enhance your sexual pleasure, to extend and to enjoy, therefore resulting in a truly intense full mind and body orgasm for the rest of your life.

Two HandsFour Hands


Dare to explore your deeper desires and experience extreme pleasure by immersing yourself to a new world that will uncover dark sensuality. Crossing boundaries that will open the path to a different taste of pleasure by creating a safe place to arouse your shadow side to play. Using power and surrender in a dynamic way, as well as sensations to evoke, tease and ride the energetic waves of dark delight.

This session is for those whom understand pleasure under a whole new meaning rather than the more traditional definition for pleasure. This experience is about exploring your darker and deeper fantasies that are trapped as a mental image bursting to become reality. Dark Tantric Pleasure will help you utilize all of your senses to enhance the mundane to create sacredness and experience the profound. This dark sensual touch is recommended if you have already experienced The Tantric Body Worship and one of our more mutual sessions, such as The Tantric Yoni or Tantric Taste. It is extremely important that you are comfortable with your therapist and that your therapist is comfortable with you as this session will be exploring the darker side of pleasure, boundaries you never thought would bring such erotic delight, boundaries that require comfort.

Uncover satisfaction using a number of erotic Tantric methods combined with dark techniques that will leave your heart pounding and your mind dominated by the empowering sexual energy gracing every inch and thought of your being from a more daring division of sensuality. The traditional Tantric techniques will also be offered.

In-Call MassageOut-Call Massage
Two HandsFour HandsTwo HandsFour Hands

We do create sessions based on personal circumstances, let us know and we will put something together just for you...



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