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Nude body to body massage

If you want to experience an unforgettable nude body to body massage in London, then you are in for the treatment of your life. Nothing compares even remotely to your full naked body being touched by the soft skin of a gorgeous therapist, rubbing her glorious body against yours, and helping you feel joy and excitement like you have never felt before. Forget about the traditional kneading session, this is something entirely different, exhilarating, sexual, sensual, and rejuvenating at the same time. This is the time and place, where you will surrender completely, forget all your daily worries, and immerse yourself into a wonderful experience. If you are looking for the ultimate body to body massage in London, then rest assured that our young, attractive, and highly skilled masseuses will deliver exactly what you need and more, and you will be treated like a royalty and have a session to remember. You can discuss openly all your needs and expectations with the therapist beforehand and we can offer a bespoke massage, which will arouse your senses, channel your sexual energy, and will leave you feeling calmed, soothed, and energized.

Why go for a nudist massage


A massage is always a great way to relax and relieve all the tension and built up stress in your body. No wonder it is a very popular procedure with many people. There are many different types of massages; most of which are more recent and vary from the traditional massage. All the massage types have different goals. Nudist massage is one of the types of massages that you can go for. As the name suggests, nudist massage is carried out when you are naked. The procedure will vary depending on the masseuse and the spa at which it is taking place. For people who would feel uneasy having a nudist massage at a spa, it can be carried out by one's spouse in the comfort of their house.

Nudist massage basics

When most people hear of the word nudist massage, they assume it carries with itself a sexual connotation. However, this could not be farther from the truth. If you are having the massage at a spa, you meet experienced and professional masseuses who do it as a career and not for sexual pleasure. As such, it will not involve sexual contact in any way. It could end in sexual intercourse if the giver or receiver is your spouse. However, it should be noted that the purpose of the massage is for full body relaxation and not for sexual stimulation.

As stated above, nudist massage is carried out when the receiver is nude. The masseuse will also be nude in most of the cases. In as much as there is no sexual contact especially in professional spa as it is against spa etiquette, the nudist massage can involve massaging of very intimate areas upon the consent of the receiver. This could lead to heightened stimulation and sexual tension. If it makes the receiver uncomfortable, the masseuse can stop the session a few minutes for the receiver to cool off.

Nudist massage procedure

The procedure for a nudist massage is much like that of a regular massage. If you are doing it in a parlor, you will find the environment already prepared for the massage. You can also have the massage at home. In such a case, you might want to get everything that you need and create an inviting environment using candles and soft music. Once you have done this, the massage can start.

The nudist massage begins with undressing of both the masseuse and the receiver. The masseuse will give you a sheet that you can use to wrap around yourself in case you feel cold during the nudist massage. Some more conservative masseuses will cover your intimate areas if you are having it at a spa. This is especially in the United States. Europe is more open to complete nudity during a nudist massage. In case you feel uncomfortable, you can request to remain in the undergarments but it is more comfortable if you are totally nude.

Once the environment has been prepared and the client is relaxed enough and feeling at ease with their being nude and with the masseuse, the actual massage begins. The masseuse will lubricate their hands using a warming jelly. They will then proceed to massage every body part beginning with the back in a soft and steady rhythm and with sensitive hands. Usually, they will do long relaxing strokes to get blood flowing to every part of the body freely in order to relax the muscles. By the end of the nudist massage session, you should be feeling very relaxed. If given by couples, it can be a form of sex therapy and will definitely aid in bringing the couple much closer.


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