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Happy ending massage

The happy ending massage is purely sexual and sensual and it aims at delivering complete and utter satisfaction. The sessions could be bespoke and take your preferences and expectations into account, and each one of them could differ from the other. As a rule, you would be in the nude and the masseur would use her hands to give you a full body massage, which could start from the head, go down the shoulders, and then center upon the genital area. Sexual arousal and orgasms are welcomed outcome, but if you simply wish to lie and relax, while receiving a full body massage, then this is perfectly acceptable as well. The session aims at giving you what you need, arousing your senses, releasing your sexual energy through gentle and sensual touch. If you want to book happy ending massage in London, it is always best to call at least a few days in advance and meet with your masseuse or masseur for a few minutes prior to the session. Once you make an appointment, you are definitely in for an unforgettable treat!

The happy ending massage is one of the true delights of Tantra. A tantric massage is wonderful in many aspects, but when combined with a happy ending, it truly surpasses all that you may expect from the experience.

So what is happy ending massage?

A happy ending massage is a full body tantric massage that centres on orgasm. All your senses will be tuned to the orgasmic experience and once your whole body is relaxed with the rhythmic stroking and pleasurable movements of the masseuse, she will then move to your genital area and caress the whole area, including your lingam, until orgasm is achieved. This type of massage is an additional massage to the usual tantric massage. You will still experience the same feelings of bliss and ecstasy, but your sexual energy will be released completely. This will lead to a feeling of complete and utter contentment that is hard to beat. The release of sexual energy is a sacred act and one that is revered in Tantra. The body is a sacred temple and as such all acts are considered to be holy. The belief is that we tend to forget our spiritual. God power, and Tantra helps to reclaim that power. Sexual power is extremely potent and is often used as a conduit to allowing the spiritual energy to expand out into the universe. This expansion of consciousness can be completed with a happy ending massage. By the time orgasm is achieved, your physical senses will be completely alert but you will have withdrawn into your spiritual vehicle to enjoy the full experience of expansion of your mind. There are not words to convey the absolute state of bliss that this can create, and the only way of understanding it is to actually experience it for yourself at the hand of a skilled massage practitioner.

You will have to shower before your session, as with all massage sessions, and you will be completely naked throughout the whole massage. Sometimes, people like to wear the minimum amount of clothing during the usual tantric massage, particularly if it is a new experience. However, a happy ending massage is always undertaken when you are completely nude. It is important you have a bond of trust with your masseuse and some establishment recommend that you take a little time building that up immediately prior to your session.

Your masseuse is always happy to go through all possibilities with you and if there is anything that you particularly do not enjoy or you want to avoid, then you will have the opportunity to discuss it prior to your massage. This will ensure you do not interrupt your blissful feelings by asking her to stop doing something in the middle of the massage treatment. It will also ensure your masseuse doesn't unintentionally cause you to feel uncomfortable during your session. This can have the effect of causing stress and tension, which is the exact opposite of a happy ending massage.

If you have never experienced an erotic massage before, you are in for a real treat if you choose the happy ending massage. In fact, this is the only type of massage some people choose. When the body is completely relaxed, the mind is much more able to focus on important details. Therefore, if you have an evening supper meeting, it would be to your benefit to enjoy a happy ending massage prior to the meeting taking place. This will ensure you are happy, relaxed and in a productive frame of mind. In fact, if you really value your clients, you might want to suggest that they also experience a happy ending massage too. Perhaps if you agree to pay for it, this could be a deal breaker!


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